RecordVault Getting Started Guide for Android R1.3.4 and iOS R1.2

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and activated the RecordVault application from PerSysTek (also known as Cyber Solutions Technologies)!

Welcome to a lifetime of mobile file security for your devices. The RecordVault features are described below and if you need more information or support, please go to Updates to this guide will be published regularly and all you need to do is delete, move or rename the Getting Started file from your RecordVault folder and a new one will be downloaded when you login again. It cannot be locked.

Please post your reviews and feedback on the app store so that we can continue to improve the product and serve your needs. Thank you for purchasing this product!

A note about this document: Any features that are different between the two operating systems are noted as [A] for Android and [I] for iOS.

Major Features:

The RecordVault is a patented (U.S. Patent No. 8,930,700), software-based three factor authentication system that uses military strength encryption plus industry standard storage clean-up of your files! This is why you will need to perform three actions when accessing your secure files: Login, Unlock and Passcode entry. This ensures that no one can access your files and that "you are who you say you are". You may secure any type of file in the RecordVault folder, you do not have to lock all of your device's file storage, and although it may be helpful, you are not required to have a PIN on your device.

Once you have logged in and your file browser is open, you do not even need to be connected to a network to be able to lock/unlock and work with your files. No files, credentials or security keys are stored online and no credentials or security keys are stored in your device since they are computed on the fly. This means your RecordVault Key cannot be hacked thus preventing a loss of your information!

How to Launch:

After you purchase the RecordVault, download it and install it on your device. After you click to open the app for the first time, you must accept the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) to continue to the first screen. Licensing allows you to use this application on all of the devices associated with your account (phones and tablets), forever, with free updates!

When you are on the first screen, you have two choices: ICE or Login and each are described below. Look for Menu Items, Information buttons and Pop-Up Help on various screens to guide you and provide access to different functions such as Logout, Update Account, Change Password, Sort, Search, New Folder, Add File [A] or Import Media [I], Share [A] or Export [I], Lock All Files, Unlock All Files, Clean Files and Deactivate Device.

In Case of Emergency (ICE):

A template of an ICE file has been downloaded to your device. This file contains information that intentionally cannot be locked and is available for easy access by family, friends and medical or safety personnel to help you in case of emergency. Most paramedics are trained to look for this type of file on your device to obtain contact and health information that can save your life, just tell them to click on RecordVault and ICE. Personalize the file by opening it in your favorite editor, make your changes and save it today! The ICE file cannot be locked but it can be moved, renamed and exported for backup purposes. Delete, rename or move the file to automatically get a fresh template on the next Login. You can also find it on our website in various forms for you to edit and then save to your RecordVault.

Login, Registration and Activation:

If you are a new user, you MUST click the Registration link to complete the Registration process and Activate your device. This information is used to set up your account, identify your device, and establish your credentials that will generate a unique security key to lock/unlock the files in your RecordVault folder. A Product Code will be generated upon Registering and it will be displayed on your screen and also sent to the account holder's email. KEEP THIS IN A SAFE PLACE since it is the serial number for the application on your device and is required if you ever need to Recover your credentials or Deactivate your device.

Once you are registered, you are able to repeatedly Login with the email address and password that you set up. A Remember Me checkbox is available so that you do not need to enter your email repeatedly but it WILL NOT remember your password. There is also a link called Forgot Password which will send you an email to reset your account password. Just follow the instructions in the email.

Unlock Vault and Recovery:

The Unlock RecordVault screen asks for the Date of Birth and Time of Birth you set up during Registration. You know your Date of Birth and you are free to select a Time of Birth you can remember. Date and time pickers will be presented as soon as you touch the entry field. If you have forgotten one of your credentials to Login, or you have made repeated mistakes and are locked out, you should touch the Recover Data button and the process will allow you to Login based upon your Product Code and give you the opportunity to establish a new Date of Birth and Time of Birth. These can be the same or different than initially registered. All of your files will be unlocked with the prior security key and a new security key will be established to lock your files again. THESE CREDENTIALS ARE NOT STORED ANYWHERE so you always need to know your Date of Birth and Time of Birth.

One-Time Passcode:

A One-Time Passcode is generated for you each time you Login to your RecordVault and it is a function of your credentials. The numbers on the screen must be entered and submitted correctly in a TIMELY manner to enable access to your file browser.

RecordVault File Browser:

This screen enables you to create folders and lock/unlock your files. The file menu options are presented when you long press the filename [A] or swipe [I] on the filename. You can open an unlocked filename to view it with an application that is associated with that file type. This is sometimes governed by your type of device and operating system. Files can be added to the root of the RecordVault folder by selecting the Sharing option in various applications, file browsers and tools on your device and then simply selecting the RecordVault as your destination. RecordVault is compatible with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box and other cloud storage applications which share or export files, not links. Files can also be added by using Add File [A] from within the RecordVault menu to MOVE a file from any location on your device into the RecordVault or by using Import Media [I] from the RecordVault file menu to COPY it into the RecordVault folder. Files can also be added by copying, dragging or moving files into the RecordVault folder if your device is connected to your workstation and accessible as a storage device. Reboot your device [A] when you are finished to get a complete view of your RecordVault folder.

Files can be transferred from RecordVault after they are unlocked [A, I] or locked [I] by simply opening the file and using the Share capability presented by your device. Also, you can select the file and touch the Share [A] or Export [I] to transfer it to one or more of the applications available to your device. This includes, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, various cloud storage apps mentioned above and numerous other applications. Remember that the app receiving the file may have restrictions on what file type they accept and iOS users may be limited to Apple's selected apps.

You can always sort the RecordVault directory and Search for specific files and folders. These are case sensitive and the features are selected in the menu.

This Getting Started Guide and the ICE file template are already in your RecordVault folder for you to use. After Registration and initial Login, the ICE file is always accessible from the first screen without the need to Login. When leaving the file browser SECURITY REQUIRES YOU TO LOGOUT WHEN FINISHED and it will ask you to LOCK ALL OF YOUR FILES. This is for your file safety! Timeouts and other features are implemented to protect your files and a Cleaning operation may be needed to ensure your security. You will be prompted to select a cleaning time.

If you have opened files and re-lock them, you will be prompted to perform a Clean Files operation to remove any remnants of the unlocked versions that existed for a short time on your device. The process allows you to Schedule [A], and Re-Schedule [A] it for a later time, or set a Reminder [I], or to do it immediately. If you select nothing, or Logout [I], it will perform the clean process within 24 hours at a default of 2:00 AM [A] or present the opportunity to Clean [I] after your next Login and Logout. We recommend selecting a time when your device is charging since THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE A WHILE AND IS INTENSE. This keeps your device always "clean" and secure!


Device Deactivation is in the menu on specific screens and is used to Deactivate your particular device and prevent it from using the RecordVault unless it is Activated again. This only affects your particular device and not your total account or other devices. You must be logged in and submit your Product Code and credentials to be able to Deactivate the device. All of your files will be unlocked and LEFT in your RecordVault folder after Deactivation. If you are not going to use RecordVault on this device again, go online to Wipe your files and Deactivate the device.


Wipe and Deactivation are available on the PerSysTek User Portal that can be found at Login to the web User Portal from any device or browser and use the same Email and Password you use to Login to the RecordVault. You will be presented with a list of your devices and the opportunity to Wipe the RecordVault folder (only) and Deactivate the device in case of loss or theft. If you click by mistake, you can cancel the Wipe as long as the RecordVault app has not been accessed on your device yet. As soon as the app launches, the Wipe process begins and CANNOT BE STOPPED. If necessary, you can always go back into RecordVault on your device and activate it again later but your RecordVault files will be gone. We therefore recommend keeping a backup of all of your files on a safe machine or cloud storage system.

Thank you for investing in the RecordVault and helping us keep your files secure!