The Cyber Solutions Technologies mobile cybersecurity solutions are tailored to fit the needs of several vertical markets. These industry solutions allow you to load, update, manage and securely carry your education, financial, identity, medical, legal and other files and records. Whether it is departing for school, performing your banking, visiting the doctor or being involved in an accident, your RecordVault gives you secure, immediate access to the critical information that is locked in your personal vault on your mobile device.

View our Mobile Cybersecurity Solutions for electronic records below to see how to meet the needs for you and your business.


Medical Records

Your solution for medical records, prescription information, insurance records, x-rays, images and legal documents


Financial Records

Your solution for banking information, investment tracking, tax records and legal documents


Identity Records

Your solution for personal and corporate identification, emergency contacts, health alerts and travel identification


Education Records

Your solution for school identification, transcripts, memberships, certifications, resumes and references


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