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Zero Trust is being invoked frequently by security professionals, almost as a cure-all for all those things that keep them up at night. In fact, the number of organizations using Zero Trust initiatives has more than tripled, from 16% three years ago to 60% today. But Zero Trust security can be a headache for the […]

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Classroom training is rarely able to address the needs of all students. Some students will require extra time and instruction, while others may grasp contacts quickly and be bored by repetition. By the time something new is introduced, their attention might be gone. Similarly, traditional lectures have limited impact for digital native learners who use […]

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I spoke with Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp, about why “castle and moat” is outdated. We spoke about security in the cloud era, and discussed the future of cybersecurity in a multicloud world. Among the points we covered: After several years of cloud evolution, it is now far safer than legacy systems – […]

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The spate of ransomware attacks that have shaken the U.S. in recent weeks has generated a lot of media coverage, much of it focusing on the more sensationalistic aspects of the incidents and their fall out. Criminal cyberhacker gangs based in Russia. Gasoline shortages and hoarding in southeastern states in the wake of the Colonial […]

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I spoke with Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva, about key trends and challenges facing companies in cloud-based data backup. Among the topics we covered: Where do you see the data backup/protection market now? What are some key trends, and some key challenges facing companies? Druva uses a SaaS model, based on AWS, with customer backup […]

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The raft of privacy laws worldwide — notably the California CPRA and EU’s GDPR — forces companies to inform users about how they collect and use personal information, and publish privacy notices on their websites. To meet these compliance regulations, privacy officers responsible for building policies typically rely on surveys and assessments to collect insights […]

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The US Jedi project was critical to the future of the US Defense department, far from trivial at $10B dollars, appeared to have been bid correctly, yet it failed due to two problems. One was the perception of impropriety unacceptable in any government contract; additionally, the delays due to contract challenges have rendered the Jedi […]

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The term “As a Service” is growing in popularity among vendors, IT and cybersecurity managers. After all, if one can transform a burdensome siloed practice into a service, there are bound to be benefits to all concerned. What’s more, the concept of “As a Service” has been well proven by offerings such as SaaS (Software […]

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Dell’s Latitude 7320 Detachable and the Value of Business-Class Ultra-Portable Laptops

Since early 2013, the year Microsoft launched its first Surface Pro, PC vendors have been exploring the value and limits of detachable or ultra-portable 2-in-1 laptops. The general approach was straightforward – take the tablet with detachable keyboard concept of Apple’s iPad but add features to make it a truly business-class device. (Apple, slow to […]

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The spate of ransomware attacks that have shaken the U.S. in recent weeks has generated a lot of media coverage, much of it focusing on the more sensationalistic aspects of the incidents and their fall out. Criminal cyberhacker gangs based in Russia. Gasoline shortages and hoarding in southeastern states in the wake of the Colonial […]

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When the Logitech Brio came out years ago, it was arguably the best 4K camera in the market, and it worked with the Windows face recognition technology called Windows Hello. Initially, it came with things like a digital background utility that wasn’t bad for its time, but since its launch, Logitech decided, for some reason, […]

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On Thursday, July 15, at 11 AM PST, @eWEEKNews will host its monthly #eWEEKChat. The topic will be “VDI and Enabling Hybrid Work,” and it will be moderated by James Maguire, eWEEK’s Editor-in-Chief. We’ll discuss – using Twitter – important VDI concepts, including market trends, key advantages, best practices, overcoming VDI challenges, and VDI’s critical […]

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The IoT powers some of the most critical use cases in the enterprise – including physical security and access control – yet there’s a huge IT pain point that no one is addressing: the need for automating the security and management of IT devices. Enterprises today have hundreds, or thousands, or even tens of thousands […]

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Last week I talked about the HP Zbook Firefly and how it compared to the HP Dragonfly Max. This week, I’d like to talk about an alternative path for some high-performance notebooks, the Asus ROG Strix G15 AMD Advantage Edition. The industry’s dirty little secret that many users looking for power have gone to gaming […]

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I was returning the HP Dragonfly Max I had in for testing last month when HP sent me their new Firefly Workstation laptop. When I compared the prices as configured, they were close to each other. The Dragonfly Max was, as configured, $2,789, and the Firefly mobile workstation was $2,687. That’s only a $102 difference. […]

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  I spoke with Micron SVP Raj Hazra about how data infrastructure is evolving to meet today’s growing demands. Our conversation included: What are some infrastructure changes that will make converting data to insights a more efficient process? Why do you think that the amount of data being tapped for insight is so low; what […]

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Organizations may face a number of potential emergency situations, such as illnesses, floods, natural disasters, power outages, and even cybercrime. Implementing a business continuity plan in the face of such disasters is essential to ensuring that the organization is capable of maintaining operations in spite of adversity. Often, responding to such emergency situations requires massive […]

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The pandemic has impacted the customer experience in countless ways. Many everyday experiences that used to be physical (think dining out, buying groceries, or going to the doctor) have become partially—or completely—digital. Companies operating from a place of empathy for their customers created exceptional digital experiences during the pandemic that will no doubt continue to […]

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In the world of microprocessors, there is a battle going on: who will be the King of Process Technology? The outcome of that battle will largely depend upon who can produce parts that generate the best performance per watt and how small of a device you can place the resulting chip into. Intel, once a […]

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Conventional approaches to privileged access and identity management are ineffective in today’s cloud-oriented DevSecOps environments. The concept of least privilege access still remains foundational – and traditional privileged access solutions can deliver effective security in situations where development and operations are segregated, and on-premises architecture predominates. It is not enough, however, to simply grant permanent […]

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Migration to the cloud is in full flight. The most complex challenge involved in completing these migrations is not moving the data but migrating the data processing code to work on new infrastructure in the cloud. The fundamental challenge is to create code that performs the same business process or returns the same result on […]

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If we allow ourselves to be optimistic, we can see it on the distant horizon: the end of Covid-19 is in sight. Given the stunning changes wrought by Covid – including the rise of remote work and the acceleration in cloud and data analytics – the dawn on this new era raises major questions for […]

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Even now in 2021, as companies have evolved their data analytics practice for several years – or longer – a core tension exists: do we manage the company using good old fashioned gut instinct, or do we employ the metrics from our data analytics platform? In a wide-ranging discussion, I spoke with three top thought […]

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The idea behind Fauna is both radical and obvious. Your applications shouldn’t care where your data is physically located, just that it’s available when needed. If you could do without the complexity of a traditional database, along with all of its data management and its servers, and simply deliver the data when an API sends […]

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Israeli government officials visited the offices of the hacking company NSO Group on Wednesday to investigate allegations that the firm’s spyware has been used to target activists, politicians, business executives, and journalists, the country’s defense ministry said in a statement today. An investigation published last week by 17 global media organizations claims that phone numbers…
When gas falls into a black hole, it releases an enormous amount of energy and spews electromagnetic radiation in all directions, making these objects some of the brightest in the known universe. But scientists have only ever been able to see light and other radiation from a supermassive black hole when it’s shining directly toward our…
On Tuesday, July 27, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor spaces in communities where covid cases are spiking. Along with the new policy, the CDC recommends that children in grades K–12 attend school in person while continuing to wear masks inside.  Why is the CDC making this switch?   The announcement comes on the heels of rising infections…
The pandemic slashed the West Coast’s emissions. Wildfires already reversed it.
Wildfires raging across the US West Coast have filled the air with enough carbon dioxide to wipe out more than half of the region’s pandemic-driven emissions reductions last year. And that was just in July. The numbers illustrate a troubling feedback loop. Climate change creates hotter, drier conditions that fuel increasingly frequent and devastating fires—which,…
In March, when covid cases began spiking around India, Bani Jolly went hunting for answers in the virus’s genetic code.  Researchers in the UK had just set the scientific world ablaze with news that a covid variant called B.1.1.7—soon to be referred to as alpha—was to blame for skyrocketing case counts there. Jolly, a third-year…
In May, the longtime coronavirus researcher Ralph Baric found himself at the center of the swirling debate over gain-of-function research, in which scientists engineer new properties into existing viruses. And during a congressional hearing, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky implied that the National Institutes of Health had been funding such research at both the Wuhan…
We just got our best-ever look at the inside of Mars
NASA’s InSight robotic lander has just given us our first look deep inside a planet other than Earth.  More than two years after its launch, seismic data that InSight collected has given researchers hints into how Mars was formed, how it has evolved over 4.6 billion years, and how it differs from Earth. A set of three new studies, published in Science this week, suggests that Mars has a…
Oscar Maung-Haley, 24, was working a part-time job in a bar in Manchester, England, when his phone pinged. It was the UK’s NHS Test and Trace app letting him know he’d potentially been exposed to covid-19 and needed to self-isolate. The news immediately caused problems. “It was a mad dash around the venue to show…