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The concept of “Zero Trust” was coined back in 2010, on the basis that traditional perimeter security models failed to provide adequate protection because the idea of a trusted internal network and untrusted external network is inherently flawed. The solution is to change the trust model, so that no user is automatically trusted. Today, Zero Trust […]

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I spoke with Kevin Gosschalk, CEO and founder, Arkose Labs, about the state of online fraud. Among the topics covered: What’s the state of online fraud attacks today? How has the pandemic impacted the business of fighting online fraud? How does AI play a role? Arkose Labs has built itself around providing a smarter alternative […]

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Ransomware has been front page news for several weeks, after the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meats incidents. It has even been discussed by the White House Press Secretary and brought security experts onto the Rachael Madow Show. And Sunday’s Meet the Press had Intelligence Committee Leaders discussing how to better avoid Ransomware. With all this […]

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things for workers. A year ago, most workers went into corporate offices to do their jobs. Today, almost all knowledge workers are working from home and this is likely to stay this way for the foreseeable future. A recent ZK Research survey found that prior to the pandemic, 22% of […]

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Have you ever walked up to someone at a cocktail party (remember those?) you thought you knew, started talking, only to realize that wasn’t who you thought it was? Chances are you have. And that alone illustrates a major challenge to a burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, facial recognition. On one hand, lots of people […]

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At the RSA Conference, cybersecurity startups compete in the famed Innovation Sandbox competition. This year’s entrepreneurs include authors of popular security standards, founders tied to Google AI gurus, and the contingent of cyberwar veterans. In the end, Apiiro takes the crown for managing sprawling risk across SecDevOps. This year’s finalists are unusually well funded, and […]

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Selecting Endpoint Visibility, Management for WFH Employees

Remote work is driving more unstructured data sprawl than ever in the history of digital anything. Whereas before the pandemic (pre-2020), most business data emanated from highly-secured commercial offices, now it’s estimated that more than half of all these important files are coming from places (gulp!) that might be wide open to interception from bad […]

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Recently, I was talking with a major analyst firm about data and security. The name of the firm will not be mentioned to protect the not-so-innocent. During this call, I was amazed to learn that most CISOs remain focused – even with their increasing board level visibility – on protecting their enterprises from outside intrusion […]

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  I spoke with Micron SVP Raj Hazra about how data infrastructure is evolving to meet today’s growing demands. Our conversation included: What are some infrastructure changes that will make converting data to insights a more efficient process? Why do you think that the amount of data being tapped for insight is so low; what […]

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Last week, I tuned into the annual Computex 2021 event, held in Taipei, Taiwan. A must for anyone involved in the PC sector, this computer expo is one of the biggest, most well-attended trade shows on the planet. Manufacturers of PCs and computing components come from worldwide to show off their latest and greatest, often […]

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First of all, the new Samsung A52 5G looks and feels like a smartphone that cost a lot more than $499. That assessment is my first and lasting impression of this device. A year ago, the South Korean IT giant’s Galaxy A51 was one of the best-selling phones in the world; don’t lose sight of […]

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Alienware is an exciting company. It represents arguably the most powerful computing brand in the PC gaming space, and it is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. Gaming laptops used to be more like portable desktop computers; they were heavy, ran hot, and had battery performance that you could measure in minutes. I often wondered why […]

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 15.6” Review: The Best Samsung PC Yet

Earlier this month at Galaxy Unpacked 2021, Samsung launched its new Windows PCs, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The new Samsung Galaxy Books were a much-anticipated addition to Samsung’s PC lineup. It’s an excellent time for Samsung to launch these new notebooks as it continues to build out a seamless […]

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When it comes to selecting IT devices or services, options are always a good thing. Whether it’s deciding upon a brand, a particular product inside that brand, or simply a favorite color, the buyer is in control of the potential transaction. Didn’t used to be that way. For years, Ford made black automobiles with standard […]

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At the RSA Conference, cybersecurity startups compete in the famed Innovation Sandbox competition. This year’s entrepreneurs include authors of popular security standards, founders tied to Google AI gurus, and the contingent of cyberwar veterans. In the end, Apiiro takes the crown for managing sprawling risk across SecDevOps. This year’s finalists are unusually well funded, and […]

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The widespread WFH model is now switching to a more popular hybrid alternative as the country begins to open up following successful vaccination programs. But as business leaders consider the best way forward for a positive hybrid ecosystem, it’s a good time to reflect on lessons learned from the start of the pandemic when technology […]

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Organizations may face a number of potential emergency situations, such as illnesses, floods, natural disasters, power outages, and even cybercrime. Implementing a business continuity plan in the face of such disasters is essential to ensuring that the organization is capable of maintaining operations in spite of adversity. Often, responding to such emergency situations requires massive […]

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The pandemic has impacted the customer experience in countless ways. Many everyday experiences that used to be physical (think dining out, buying groceries, or going to the doctor) have become partially—or completely—digital. Companies operating from a place of empathy for their customers created exceptional digital experiences during the pandemic that will no doubt continue to […]

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In the world of microprocessors, there is a battle going on: who will be the King of Process Technology? The outcome of that battle will largely depend upon who can produce parts that generate the best performance per watt and how small of a device you can place the resulting chip into. Intel, once a […]

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Conventional approaches to privileged access and identity management are ineffective in today’s cloud-oriented DevSecOps environments. The concept of least privilege access still remains foundational – and traditional privileged access solutions can deliver effective security in situations where development and operations are segregated, and on-premises architecture predominates. It is not enough, however, to simply grant permanent […]

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Migration to the cloud is in full flight. The most complex challenge involved in completing these migrations is not moving the data but migrating the data processing code to work on new infrastructure in the cloud. The fundamental challenge is to create code that performs the same business process or returns the same result on […]

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If we allow ourselves to be optimistic, we can see it on the distant horizon: the end of Covid-19 is in sight. Given the stunning changes wrought by Covid – including the rise of remote work and the acceleration in cloud and data analytics – the dawn on this new era raises major questions for […]

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Even now in 2021, as companies have evolved their data analytics practice for several years – or longer – a core tension exists: do we manage the company using good old fashioned gut instinct, or do we employ the metrics from our data analytics platform? In a wide-ranging discussion, I spoke with three top thought […]

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The idea behind Fauna is both radical and obvious. Your applications shouldn’t care where your data is physically located, just that it’s available when needed. If you could do without the complexity of a traditional database, along with all of its data management and its servers, and simply deliver the data when an API sends […]

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For the past several years, economists, and government leaders have regularly sounded alarms about the dangers of big tech monopolies. On her 2020 campaign website, for example, Senator Elizabeth Warren said “big tech companies have too much power, too much power over our economy, our society, our democracy.” In the months since the election, politicians…
Inside the fight to reclaim AI from Big Tech’s control
Timnit Gebru never thought a scientific paper would cause her so much trouble.  In 2020, as the co-lead of Google’s ethical AI team, Gebru had reached out to Emily Bender, a linguistics professor at the University of Washington, and the two decided to collaborate on research about the troubling direction of artificial intelligence. Gebru wanted…
On the first hot weekend of the summer, Richard Knapp put up a sign outside Mother’s Ruin, a bar tucked in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It had two arrows: one pointing vaccinated people indoors, another pointing unvaccinated people outdoors. The Instagram post showing the sign (above) quickly went viral among European anti-vaxxers on Reddit. “We started…
These creepy fake humans herald a new age in AI
You can see the faint stubble coming in on his upper lip, the wrinkles on his forehead, the blemishes on his skin. He isn’t a real person, but he’s meant to mimic one—as are the hundreds of thousands of others made by Datagen, a company that sells fake, simulated humans. These humans are not gaming…
Clinical trials are better, faster, cheaper with big data
Clinical trials have never been more in the public eye than in the past year, as the world watched the development of vaccines against covid-19, the disease at the center of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Discussions of study phases, efficacy, and side effects dominated the news. The most distinctive feature of the vaccine trials was…
Covid cases are on the rise in England, and a fast-spreading variant may be to blame. B.1.617.2, which now goes by the name Delta, first emerged in India, but has since spread to 62 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Delta is still rare in the US. At a press conference on Tuesday, the…
Building the engine that drives digital transformation
Digital transformation has long been a well-established strategic imperative for organizations globally. The effects of covid-19—which have transformed the world into a (perhaps permanently) dispersed collection of individual broadband-connected consumers, partners, and employees—have not disrupted or wholly redefined this trend, instead they have created additional emphasis on digital transformation strategies already well underway. This is…