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Today’s accelerated pace of digital transformation brings significant opportunities for businesses to grow and drive value for shareholders. At the same time, the rise of connected enterprises, remote workforces, and digital payments, among other things, has increased the risk of cyber breaches, ransomware and malware attacks. For technology companies that sit at the apex of […]

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Digital transformation of financial services is driving an increasingly automated analytics process in which personally identifiable information (PII) about borrowers is transmitted and stored in the cloud as part of the application review and underwriting process. Lenders need PII to make lending decisions. But, at the same time, financial institutions must protect the privacy and […]

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Mickey Bresman, Co-founder and CEO of Semperis, provides three tips for securing your Active Directory against cyberthreats. Among the topics we discussed: What does “identity-driven cyber resilience” mean? Why is Active Directory (AD) security getting so much attention now, in particular? Share your top three tips for organizations looking to quickly beef up AD security […]

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I spoke with Simon Jelley, GM & VP of Product at Veritas Technologies, about why ransomware is so difficult to defend against, and his suggestions for critical best practices to lessen the threat. Among the topics we discussed: What’s the current state of ransomware? Why does security software alone keep falling short? Why is paying […]

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Digital Transformation Guide: Definition, Examples & Strategy

It’s hard to pinpoint the first use of the phrase “digital transformation,” but it has been around since at least 2012. And of course, the process of digitization, or migrating towards computerized technologies, has been going on since the 1960s. Indeed, for nearly a decade, industry pundits have been telling enterprises to embrace digital transformation, […]

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On Tuesday, September 14, at 11 AM PST, @eWEEKNews will host its monthly #eWEEKChat. The topic will be “Trends in Data Storage, Protection and Privacy,” and it will be moderated by James Maguire, eWEEK’s Editor-in-Chief. We’ll discuss – using Twitter – important Trends in Data Storage, Protection and Privacy concepts, including market trends, key advantages, […]

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Aside from the pandemic, ransomware has become one of the gravest threats to the global economy.  It is no longer a matter of “if” an organization is going to be attacked but “when,” according to Gartner. The research firm predicts that 75% of organizations will face one or more attacks by 2025. National Security Institute […]

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Automation through digital transformation initiatives that rely on cloud-based applications is driving a surge in the use of machine identities (IDs). Indeed, machine identities outnumber human identities by at least 3-to-1. And while machine IDs drive productivity by completing tasks quickly and without error, such widespread use – across disparate cloud applications – makes it […]

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Digital Transformation Guide: Definition, Examples & Strategy

It’s hard to pinpoint the first use of the phrase “digital transformation,” but it has been around since at least 2012. And of course, the process of digitization, or migrating towards computerized technologies, has been going on since the 1960s. Indeed, for nearly a decade, industry pundits have been telling enterprises to embrace digital transformation, […]

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Three Top Laptops Compatible with Windows 11

Sometime late this year or early in 2022, you’ll be able to get Windows 11, but you’ll need a computer to run it on. Each of the laptops we review below are listed as Windows 11 compatible. One of the things I discovered when Microsoft announced Windows 11 is that my three-year-old Lenovo T-Series laptop […]

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Like most corporate communications, how companies talk about themselves should be taken with a couple of pounds of salt. The worst tend to be simplistically self-aggrandizing. Yet other examples can offer meaningful insights into an organization’s plans and self-perception. That is particularly true following significant changes in leadership, such as the January announcement that Pat […]

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The U.S. Senate advanced a bill that would allocate slightly over a trillion dollars to improve infrastructure in the US. In that bill would be about $65 billion for broadband, according to a fact sheet released by the White House. There are, of course, other parts of the bill, including money for roads and bridges, […]

The post What the Proposed Senate Infrastructure Bill Means for Broadband appeared first on eWEEK.

In 2013, Judith Hurwitz and other market experts proclaimed the beginning of the Big Data Era. They perceived that “big data enables organizations to store, manage, and manipulate vast amounts of data at the right speed and at the right time to gain the right insights.” They were candid that Big Data doesn’t represent a […]

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Dell’s Latitude 7320 Detachable and the Value of Business-Class Ultra-Portable Laptops

Since early 2013, the year Microsoft launched its first Surface Pro, PC vendors have been exploring the value and limits of detachable or ultra-portable 2-in-1 laptops. The general approach was straightforward – take the tablet with detachable keyboard concept of Apple’s iPad but add features to make it a truly business-class device. (Apple, slow to […]

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The spate of ransomware attacks that have shaken the U.S. in recent weeks has generated a lot of media coverage, much of it focusing on the more sensationalistic aspects of the incidents and their fall out. Criminal cyberhacker gangs based in Russia. Gasoline shortages and hoarding in southeastern states in the wake of the Colonial […]

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When the Logitech Brio came out years ago, it was arguably the best 4K camera in the market, and it worked with the Windows face recognition technology called Windows Hello. Initially, it came with things like a digital background utility that wasn’t bad for its time, but since its launch, Logitech decided, for some reason, […]

The post Dell’s Ultrasharp 4K Webcam: Finally An Alternative To The Logitech Brio appeared first on eWEEK.

I spoke with Margaret Lee, GM & SVP, Digital Service and Operations Management at BMC Software, about how AISM pairs with technologies like AIOps, and her forecast for the future of AISM. What is AI Service Management? How does it differ from AI Management? How is AI being used in the real world, in conjunction […]

The post BMC’s Margaret Lee on AI Service Management: Use Cases, Future Trends appeared first on eWEEK.

The interest in software defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) and secure access service edge (SASE) was high pre-pandemic, but since then, interest has skyrocketed. In a recent survey by ZK Research, we found that 62% of businesses have accelerated SD-WAN plans in the past year. Similarly, SASE has seen a sharp rise in interest, although […]

The post Palo Alto Networks Enables Service Providers to Fast Track Managed SD-WAN and SASE appeared first on eWEEK.

Organizations may face a number of potential emergency situations, such as illnesses, floods, natural disasters, power outages, and even cybercrime. Implementing a business continuity plan in the face of such disasters is essential to ensuring that the organization is capable of maintaining operations in spite of adversity. Often, responding to such emergency situations requires massive […]

The post Eight Best Practices for Securing Long-Term Remote Work appeared first on eWEEK.

The pandemic has impacted the customer experience in countless ways. Many everyday experiences that used to be physical (think dining out, buying groceries, or going to the doctor) have become partially—or completely—digital. Companies operating from a place of empathy for their customers created exceptional digital experiences during the pandemic that will no doubt continue to […]

The post Customer Empathy: Four Data Points for Understanding How the Pandemic Has Impacted the Customer Experience (CX) appeared first on eWEEK.

In the world of microprocessors, there is a battle going on: who will be the King of Process Technology? The outcome of that battle will largely depend upon who can produce parts that generate the best performance per watt and how small of a device you can place the resulting chip into. Intel, once a […]

The post IBM Announces 2nm Process Technology And Becomes A Kingmaker appeared first on eWEEK.

Conventional approaches to privileged access and identity management are ineffective in today’s cloud-oriented DevSecOps environments. The concept of least privilege access still remains foundational – and traditional privileged access solutions can deliver effective security in situations where development and operations are segregated, and on-premises architecture predominates. It is not enough, however, to simply grant permanent […]

The post Why It’s Critical to Manage Privileges and Access Across Your Multi-Cloud Environments appeared first on eWEEK.

Migration to the cloud is in full flight. The most complex challenge involved in completing these migrations is not moving the data but migrating the data processing code to work on new infrastructure in the cloud. The fundamental challenge is to create code that performs the same business process or returns the same result on […]

The post Five Hidden Costs in Code Migration: How to Avoid Surprise Expenses appeared first on eWEEK.

If we allow ourselves to be optimistic, we can see it on the distant horizon: the end of Covid-19 is in sight. Given the stunning changes wrought by Covid – including the rise of remote work and the acceleration in cloud and data analytics – the dawn on this new era raises major questions for […]

The post The Future of Enterprise IT Post Covid-19 appeared first on eWEEK.

For years, civil rights groups have accused the US Department of Justice of racial profiling against scientists of Chinese descent. Today, a new report provides data that may quantify some of their claims.  The study, published by the Committee of 100, an association of prominent Chinese-American civic leaders, found that individuals of Chinese heritage were…
A version of this story was originally published at the COVID-19 Data Dispatch. It’s impossible to overstate how controversial school reopening has become in the US this past year. After a spring of universal Zoom school, opinions diverged: some administrators, parents, and scientists pushed to get kids back in classrooms, while others lobbied for covid…
Securing the energy revolution and IoT future
In early 2021, Americans living on the East Coast got a sharp lesson on the growing importance of cybersecurity in the energy industry. A ransomware attack hit the company that operates the Colonial Pipeline—the major infrastructure artery that carries almost half of all liquid fuels from the Gulf Coast to the eastern United States. Knowing…
How Amazon Ring uses domestic violence to market doorbell cameras
This article was produced in partnership with Type Investigations, where Eileen Guo is an Ida B. Wells Fellow, and is being co-published by MIT Technology Review and Consumer Reports. A few hours before dawn in early May of last year, four police officers were dispatched to an address that they had come to know: the…
Every 10 years, US astronomers have to make some tough decisions. Outlined in a plan called the Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics, a set of studies produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, these decisions determine the next decade’s scientific priorities for the field.   The Decadal Survey has set the stage for big leaps in space exploration since the early…
Companies hoping to grow carbon-sucking kelp may be rushing ahead of the science
In late January, Elon Musk tweeted that he planned to give $100 million to promising carbon removal technologies, stirring the hopes of researchers and entrepreneurs. A few weeks later, Arin Crumley, a filmmaker who went on to develop electric skateboards, announced that a team was forming on Clubhouse, the audio app popular in Silicon Valley,…
Troll farms reached 140 million Americans a month on Facebook before 2020 election, internal report shows
In the run-up to the 2020 election, the most highly contested in US history, Facebook’s most popular pages for Christian and Black American content were being run by Eastern European troll farms. These pages were part of a larger network that collectively reached nearly half of all Americans, according to an internal company report, and…
When the United Arab Emirates paid over $1.3 million for a powerful and stealthy iPhone hacking tool in 2016, the monarchy’s spies—and the American mercenary hackers they hired—put it to immediate use. The tool exploited a flaw in Apple’s iMessage app to enable hackers to completely take over a victim’s iPhone. It was used against…

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